Suppliers of LED lamps abound on the Internet. Also, these lamps are offered in all colors and shapes for pinball machines.

Retrofitting an old pinball machine with LED  is a style break. Nor would anyone come up with the idea of ​​retrofitting a classic car with LED lighting. Not even to save electricity.

Anyone who still thinks he should "upgrade" his flipper with LED lamps should be happy to do so. Certainly, when it comes to procurement andsupply richness with unbeatable prices
for this we are waived as a provider. Read the following; but it should not be waived:

It should be known that pinball machines with solid state technology (semiconductor control on boards instead of rattle technology with relays) can now be more than 40 (forty) years old. Currently the technology for incandescent lamps (GE # 44, GE # 555) has been developed. There were no LED lights! Why should the pinball machines have been prepared for this?

Nowadays, there is the problem, which is given no attention for lack of explanation: The development for the control of incandescent lamps has currently been developed with transistors or thyristors. Simply explained are transistors or thyristors semiconductors, ie diodes. However, these have a characteristic and not just the function -an or -aus- as a simple switch. Since a diode has a reverse voltage of about 0.7 volts, creates a more or less disturbing so-called "ghost lights". Incidentally, LED luminaires are also semiconductors.

MALLY Pinball Manufacturing has developed a LED adapter specifically for the retrofitting of LED lamps in pinball machines, which solves these problems. Those who invest a lot of money in LED lighting in their flippers should also think about retrofitting the hardware for a trouble-free and safe function.
Segmentanzeige (40x50mm)
1,00 EUR
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